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A Blink in History

As we enter the second year of the pandemic, Tokyo Festival 2021 will continue last year’s approach and host events both online and on-site.
Our theme for this year is “A Blink in History.” 

The past year has felt tremendously long and earth-shattering for us humans⁠—yet in the history of all living things, the spread of this virus may appear only as a blink of an eye.

If an array of transformations occurs within the darkness of this grand blink in time, what sights will we see at the end of the tunnel?

The present moment separates our world’s before and after and offers us time to prepare for the future.

We will announce details of all programs this year in late August. Please keep an eye out for our update.

Tokyo Festival Planning Team


Introduction to some of the scheduled program for Tokyo Festival 2021.