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LOLO “Every Body feat. Frankenstein”


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Schedule:Saturday,Oct.9 – Sunday,Oct.17 (Archive streaming) Thursday, Nov. 11-Tuesday, Nov. 30

Place:Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Theatre East

Language:Performed in Japanese / With English subtitles (online broadcast only)

Adapted from “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley
Written and Directed by Naoyuki Miura

Kazunori Kameshima
Daigo Shinozaki
Momoko Shimada
Ayano Mochizuki
Hana Morimoto
(That's all, LOLO.)

Soya Ogata(libido:)
Sayaha Seki
Yuri Nagoya
Ryo Matsumoto

A new adaptation of the classic story about a monster stitched together from the dead that asks us to consider the true nature of evil

The new work created by Naoyuki Miura—who has made a mark not just in the theatre but also in the field of movie and drama scenarios—is the Lolo production of Frankenstein. What is physical and mental corruption and decay? A scientific genius patches together dead bodies and a monster is born—but is that monster really “evil”? This play is sure to open up serious new ground for Lolo, which until now has created works that mix and sample elements from pop culture.

Streaming: Thursday, Nov. 11– Tuesday, Nov. 30
Ticket: 2,000 yen
Tickets on sale: Munday, Nov. 8
Ticket Office: ZAIKO

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Saturday, October 9 19:00
Sunday, October 10 14:00 / 19:00
Monday, October 11 14:00
Wednesday, October 13 19:00
Thursday, October 14 19:00
Friday, October 15 19:00
Saturday, October 16 14:00 / 19:00
Sunday, October 17 14:00

Box office opens 1 hour before. Doors open 30 minutes before.

Please be aware that the performances will be filmed for publicity and documentation purposes.
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– With English subtitles (online broadcast only)
– Disability discount

– Wheelchairs
– Child care facility (reservation required)
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Tickets on sale
Advance: Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2021, 10:00 – Saturday, Aug. 28, 2021, 23:59
General: Sunday, August 29, 2021, 10:00

Ticket cost
Unreserved seating (with ticket numbering)
-Advance discount: 2,800 yen
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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Theatre East


Photo: Natsuko Mikami

Naoyuki Miura

Lolo theatre company leader Naoyuki Miura is a playwright and director. He launched Lolo as its director in 2009. Since then he has created plays depicting out-of-the-ordinary “boy-meets-girl” encounters, looking at familiar relationships like “family” and “romantic partners” in a new light. His creative world, which draws on countless pop culture elements from all times and places, is both unheard-of and emotional, and his work is popular not only with theatre enthusiasts but with men and women of all ages and interests. Miura’s wide-ranging activities transcend the bounds of theatre to include writing TV drama scripts, directing music videos and teaching workshops. His play Handsome na Daigo was shortlisted for the 60th Kishida Prize for Drama. He received the 16th Confidence Awards Drama Script Award for his scenario for the NHK TV drama Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru (2019).

Photo: Natsuko Mikami


Launched in 2009, Lolo is the theatre company headed by playwright/director Naoyuki Miura. Their plays, which consistently depict diverse boy-meets-girl encounters that differ from “conventional” relationships while sampling pop culture from all times and places, are popular with a wide audience irrespective of gender or age. The company’s work aims to expand the range of theatrical performances. In the “Itsukou” series, which began in 2015, they create plays that aim to revitalize the world of high school theatre. Major works include LOVE02 (2012), Handsome na Daigo (2015), Scattered (2019), and Two Square and Uncertain Windows (2020). Handsome na Daigo was nominated for the 60th Kishida Prize for Drama.


Adapted from “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley
Written and Directed by Naoyuki Miura(LOLO)
Choreographer: Teita Iwabuchi
Set designer: Itaru Sugiyama, Yuta Shinkai
Lighting designer: Ayumi kito
Sound designer: Nobu Ikeda
Costume designer: Daisuke Iga
Stage manager: Tikage Yuyama, Odachi Yusuke
Assistant director: Miki Nakamura
Stage Assistants: Yae Yamamichi(Kinoshita-Kabuki)
Illustration: Isamu Gakiya
Design: Shun Sasaki

Production assistant: Mazuki Okura(libido:)
Production Coordinators: Miyoto Okuyama(LOLO), Momo Sakamoto(LOLO), Chihiro Suzuki(Tokyo Festival)


Organized by Tokyo Festival Executive Committee[Toshima City, Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture (Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre & Arts Council Tokyo)]

Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2021


Tokyo Festival Executive Committee
+81(0)50-1746-0996 (Weekday 10:00 - 18:00)