Tokyo Festival Program

Théâtre du Soleil Cinema Anthology

by Théâtre du Soleil / Ariane Mnouchkine

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*Théâtre du Soleil’s Japan tour “L’ÎLE D’OR KANEMU-JIMA” is cancelled due to Covid-19 situation.


Schedule:Wednesday, Oct. 6 - Sunday, Oct.10

Place:Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Playhouse

Language:French with Japanese subtitles

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A rare chance to experience the unique spectacle of Ariane Mnouchkine’s Théâtre du Soleil!

Ever since it was founded in 1964, Théâtre du Soleil has attracted attention worldwide for its innovative approaches to theatre. The ongoing pandemic has unfortunately forced the company to postpone its planned tour to Japan, its first visit in twenty years. Audiences in Tokyo are instead able to enjoy a special screening of “Ariane Mnouchkine, I’aventure du Théâtre du Soleil” (2009), a documentary about the company and director, as well as of three of its major works that capture the spectacle for which the company is known: “Tambours sur la digue” (2002), adapted from the work performed on Théâtre du Soleil’s sole visit to Japan in 2001; “Le Dernier Caravansérail (Odyssées)” (2006, Japanese premiere), a story of memory based on the testimonies of Afghan and other refugees; and “Les Naufragés du fol espoir” (2013, Japanese premiere), an homage to cinema inspired by a Jules Verne novel. Far more than simply filmed records of performances, the productions were recreated specifically for the medium of film and explore their themes in different ways than the theatre versions.
*The screening includes commentary by Ariane Mnouchkine about the works.


Wednesday, Oct. 6 - Sunday, Oct. 10


*Check website of Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre for details


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Playhouse


Disability discount / Wheelchairs accessible / For people with hearing disabilities / Child care facility (Please contact us for details) *No preschool children admitted


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Théâtre du Soleil

Founded in France in 1964. Based at former munitions factory "La Cartoucherie" outside of Paris, the company is known for its distinctive collective creation approach. The group’s French Revolution-themed work “1789” staged in 1970 attracted worldwide attention with its innovative theatrical techniques. The troupe’s repertoire ranges from classics to works dealing with contemporary issues such as refugee. The group made its long-awaited Japan debut in 2001 at the New National Theatre, Tokyo with “Tambours sur la digue”, a much talked-about work that boldly incorporated Asian puppet theatre traditions, in particular the fundamentals of Japanese Bunraku.

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Ariane Mnouchkine

Born in Paris in 1939. While at Sorbonne University in Paris she formed the ATEP (Association Théâtrale des Étudiants de Paris or Parisian Students’ Theatrical Association). In 1964 she formed Théâtre du Soleil with mainly ATEP members. For more than half a century since, she has worked as a director at the fore of contemporary theatre alongside Peter Brook and other leading figures. In the 1980s she was noted for her series of Shakespeare adaptations, and in the 1990s she again attracted attention for a series of works based on Greek plays. Mnouchkine’s work incorporating techniques from the physical theatre traditions of Asia has also put her in the limelight. She also directed a film version of “1789” and “Molière.” In recognition of her achievements over many years, in 2019 she was awarded the 35th Kyoto Prize in the category of Arts and Philosophy/Theater, Cinema.


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