About Tokyo Festival Farm

Tokyo Festival Farm is a framework for education outreach and creative talent development within Tokyo Festival. It was launched in 2021 by combining Asian Performing Arts Farm (APAF), a platform promoting exchange and growth among young artists in Asia, with Festival/Tokyo (F/T)’s Research Program and Education & Outreach Program.
This year, Tokyo Festival Farm will be holding various programs under two categories: “Lab” for supporting the growth of emerging artists through research and development, and “School” for education outreach. “Lab” aims to cultivate young professionals who are able to freely navigate the many increasingly fluid borders of our world. The initiative encourages artists to explore the interdisciplinary and interregional “transfield” through collaboration with others. “School” provides young audiences, mainly university students, with opportunities to explore their thoughts and interact through stage works by attending lectures, participating in talk events, writing reports, and more.

Tokyo Festival Farm Lab Guidelines

To ensure a safe creative space that is non-discriminatory to individuals of all social categories, Tokyo Festival Farm Lab will follow the “Tokyo Festival Farm Lab Guidelines”

Tokyo Festival Farm 2024 Lab: Open Call Programs

Program accepting applications 
※Please be sure to read the application guidelines for further details on eligibility, etc.

Asian Performing Arts Camp

Asian Performing Arts Camp is a program for performing arts practitioners working in various parts of Asia. Using their own personal themes and concerns as starting points, the campers participate in lectures and workshops, hold discussions with people from different countries and cultures, and conduct research and fieldwork. Through this process, the Camp aims to help artists cultivate thoughts and ideas together, and to explore future possibilities for their own practices and fields. The final day will feature a presentation session that is open to the public, where participants can share what they have gained and exchange thoughts with the audience, thus fostering their own artistic growth.

Eligibility: Directors, choreographers, playwrights, dramaturgs, producers, or any artists aged 35 or younger or those who are over 36 years old but have been involved in artistic activities for 8 years or less, based in Asia (Language: English)
Application Deadline: Monday, June 10, 16:00 (JST)
Application Guidelines (PDF)  Application Form

《Asian Performing Arts Camp Online Orientation for Applicants》
Sunday, May 26, 2024 8:00pm (JST)

*If you live in an area where YouTube is not available, please contact the Farm-Lab office.

Production Coordinator Assistant

A training program providing production coordinators of performing arts in Japan who want to go on to work in an international setting with experience of international project management. Participants will join the production/coordination team for the Tokyo Festival Farm “Asian Performing Arts Camp”. Through this program, participants can not only gain on-site experience in international projects, but also learn about the Tokyo Festival Farm Lab’s efforts to create a safe creative environment for a diverse group of participants.

– Those who are aged 18-35 and have experience as production coordinator, based in Japan
– Those who are over 36 years old but with less than 8 years of experience as a production coordinator or assistant production coordinator, based in Japan
(Language: Japanese)
Application Deadline: Monday, June 10, 16:00 (JST)
Application Guidelines (in Japanese only)   Application Form

Farm Editorial Office Assistant Writer

A practical program in which participants are involved in the process of creating and delivering performing arts through writing. Participants are responsible for writing various articles for the archive book based on records, interviews, and coverage obtained through accompanying the “Asian Performing Arts Camp” program.

Eligibility: Those who are aged 18-35 with an interest in describing and disseminating the artists’ practices to society, while accompanying at “Asian Performing Arts Camp” (Language: Japanese)
Application Deadline: Monday, June 10, 16:00 (JST)
Application Guidelines (in Japanese only)   Application Form

Farm Lab Visitor

A program where participants can observe part of the process of the Tokyo Festival Farm Lab. Those who register for this program can observe some of the activities as visitors to the Tokyo Festival Farm Lab, where participants from various parts of Asia gather (Registration opening soon). (Language: Japanese)

About Communication Design

Tokyo Festival Farm is a site of international collaboration that brings together members from different cultures and countries, and the Communication Design Team is involved in program design from an early stage to ensure an environment in which all participants, regardless of their background or social status, can feel at ease in their creative endeavors.

Communication Design Team
Art Translators Collective
Team Lead: Kyle Yamada, Yuki Harukawa
Members: Kanoko Tamura, Yume Morimoto, Hibiki Mizuno


Implementing and maintaining guidelines for Tokyo Festival Farm-Lab

We have created guidelines to prevent discrimination, harassment, and other abuses of human rights, and ask all people involved in Tokyo Festival Farm to comply with them. In addition, the contents of the guidelines are reviewed annually to ensure their continuous improvement.

Confirming gender pronouns and respect for gender identity

To prevent misgendering*, since last year’s festival we have created a field in the application form for people to enter the pronouns (or names, etc.) that they would like to use. We will continue to share knowledge and awareness throughout the festival period to ensure that each individual’s pronouns are respected.
*The discriminatory act of addressing a person as something other than their self-identified gender (e.g., using personal pronouns or honorific titles that are based on assumptions of gender based on appearance).

Art translations that respect diversity in language and communication

English is the common language for communication within the Tokyo Festival Farm, which attracts participants from many Asian countries. However, the way English is spoken varies greatly between places and cultures. The Communication Design Team respects the forms of English spoken by all, designs an environment in which both fluent and non-fluent English speakers can communicate on an equal footing, and provides interpretation and translation services that go beyond language conversion. There are also differences in communication that arise due to cultural differences and other factors. Rather than forcing people to conform to a single cultural norm (e.g., Japanese manners), the kinds of communication necessary for the occasion will be explored through the individual perspectives that participants bring to the table.

Providing learning opportunities

Participants will be provided with guidance, lectures, and workshops in advance of the program to help them understand the above initiatives.


Farm-Lab Office
syuz’gen LLC.
Chief Managers: Satoshi Okawa, Rin Terada
Program Coordinators: Hinako Someya, Yukio Nitta, Minano Hirano
Advisor: Yuko Uematsu
Back Office: Mihoka Kawamura, Hinako Someya

Communication Design Team
Art Translators Collective
Team Lead: Kyle Yamada, Yuki Harukawa
Members: Kanoko Tamura, Yume Morimoto, Hibiki Mizuno

Tokyo Festival Executive Committee
Manager (Farm): Natsumi Hamada

Organized by Tokyo Festival Executive Committee [Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture (Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre & Arts Council Tokyo) Tokyo Metropolitan Government] / Japan Arts Council / Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
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Tokyo Festival SNS


Farm-Lab Office (syuz’gen LLC.)
Email: farm@tokyo-festival.jp
Phone: +81(0)3-4213-4293 (Open weekdays 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. )