Announcement: Open call to begin for Tokyo Festival Farm-Lab participants

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Tokyo Festival Executive Committee hereby announce the outline of the festival and application guidelines for participants of Tokyo Festival Farm-Lab.

Tokyo Festival Farm is a framework of development initiatives and education/outreach programs within Tokyo Festival. Under the theme “Unlearning Cities,” Farm offers a variety of programs in two categories: “Lab,” for fostering talent through research and development, and “School”promoting education and outreach.
From today, Wednesday, June 1, we begin an open call for participants in six programs: Lab’s “Farm-Lab Exhibition,” “Asian Performing Arts Camp,” “Creative Intern,” “Art Translator Assistant,” “Assistant Writer,” and “Production Assistant.”

As of June 1 (Wednesday), please refer to the respective application guidelines for details and application methods for the six programs currently open to applicants.

Tokyo Festival Farm:

Farm-Lab Exhibition

Farm-Lab Exhibition is a trial creation program in which emerging artists based in Asia collaborate with other members from various cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds. The product will be a work-in-progress presentation, with the ambition of ultimately showing at Tokyo Festival and elsewhere in Asia. This year will feature two teams, each with different directors: Serena MAGILIW, based in Manila, The Philippines (a past participant of Tokyo Festival Farm 2021 Asian Performing Arts Camp); and y/n, based in Japan (a unit consisting of director/actor HASHIMOTO Kiyoshi and critic/dramaturg YAMAZAKI Kenta). NAKAJIMA Nanako, a dance dramaturg who is active in both Japan and overseas, and NAGASHIMA Kaku, dramaturg and co-director of the Tokyo Festival Farm, will act as mentors to support the creation process.

–A performing arts piece directed by Serena MAGILIW (Directed by an artist based in Asia, outside Japan / Open Call for performers based in Japan)
Concept: “QUEER ASIA”

–A performing arts piece directed by y/n (Directed by an artist based in Japan / Open Call for performers based in Asia, excluding Japan)
Theme: “Education”

Asian Performing Arts Camp(Online)

Tokyo Festival Farm Asian Performing Arts Camp is a two-month program where artists gather online to develop ideas through lectures, discussions, and a collaborative research process. The program will conclude with an online presentation by the participants, allowing them to share the progress of their research with the general public. The participants will be accompanied by facilitators YAMAGUCHI Keiko (taking on the role for a second consecutive year) and James Harvey ESTRADA (participated in the directorial team for フレ フレ Ostrich!! Hayupang Die-Bow-Ken!; Tokyo Festival 2021, From the Farm ) in their journey of inquiry into the possibilities of collaborations that transcend national borders and cultures.
Directors, choreographers, playwrights, dramaturgs, producers, or any artists who work closely with the performing arts are encouraged to apply.

Creative Intern

This program allows young Japan-based artists involved in the performing arts to gain on-site experience of an international project. The aim is to lay the foundation for the participants themselves to take their first steps towards international ventures through online rehearsals for Farm Lab Exhibition, a residency program, and by assisting with rehearsals for the final (open) presentation as well as with the actual performance.
There will be an open call for participants comprising artists and creators working in the field of performing arts who would like to take on the challenge of international

Art Translator Assistant (interpreting, translation)

“Art Translators”- translators/interpreters specializing in the performing arts - help forge an environment conducive to creation in terms of communication. They play an important role in collaborative international projects, and there is growing awareness of their significance and value.
Tokyo Festival Farm is offering the opportunity for future art translators to gainexperience through an open call for Art Translator Assistants to assist with interpreting and communication-related work. The Art Translator Assistant plays an important role not merely in terms of converting one language to another, but also as a bridge for multicultural and multilingual creation. This is an opportunity to gain practical experience and develop know-how under the communication design team, working hand-in-hand with artists in the field on actual international collaborations.

Farm Editorial Office: Assistant Writer

This is a program for learning about and exploring what it means to record and discuss in words the creative processes for the performing arts as well as the end results through actual writing.
An editorial division (Farm Editorial Office) has been set up for Tokyo Festival Farm to search for and explore new ways of conveying the performing arts in words, and assistant writers will be recruited to work there. The role involves keeping abreast of activities on the ground in an international co-production environment, and actually planning and writing articles. Dialogue and conversation between co-production participants and feedback from the editorial division head should also provide an opportunity for the Assistant Writer to further develop the mindset, ideas and techniques for writing.

Production Assistant

This program provides experience of managing international works and projects for
production staff in Japan who want to work in the international arena in future.
As the production team for Tokyo Festival Farm’s “Farm-Lab Exhibition,”
participants will perform tasks related to the invitation of overseas
artists, and assist with production on the ground in an environment where artists
from diverse backgrounds conduct their creative work. There will be an open call
for production staff who want to gain experience of managing international works
and projects as participants of this program.

*Please see Tokyo Festival Farm’s information page for detailed up-to-date information on the open call.

About Tokyo Festival Farm

Tokyo Festival Farm is a framework of development initiatives and education/outreach      programs within Tokyo Festival. Started in 2021, it was created by the merging of Asian   Performing Arts Farm (APAF), a platform promoting exchange and growth among young artists in Asia, with Festival/Tokyo (F/T)’s Research Program and Education & Outreach Program.
This year’s Tokyo Festival Farm will offer a variety of programs under the two    categories of “Lab,” for fostering talent through research and development, and “School,”promoting education and outreach. By developing a collaborative        interdisciplinary and interregional approach, “Lab” aims to foster professionals capable of free movement across all kinds of borders, which will become increasingly fluid in the future. “School”provides young audiences, mainly university students, with the opportunity to think and interact through stage works by attending lectures, taking part in talk events, writing reports, and more.

Link for details of Tokyo Festival Farm:

Tokyo Festival 2022

Tokyo Festival is a comprehensive urban arts festival which aims to link the metropolis to the rest of the world through Tokyo’s rich and diverse arts and culture scene. The festival has been held chiefly in the Ikebukuro area of Tokyo since 2016.

Outline (scheduled)
Name: Tokyo Festival 2022
Festival dates: September – December, 2022
Sites: The area around Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Organized by Tokyo Festival Executive Committee[Toshima City, Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture (Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre & Arts Council Tokyo)、Tokyo Metropolitan Government]
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2022
Sponsored by Asahi Group Japan, Ltd.

*Further announcements to come regarding details of programs and more
*Please note festival details are subject to change without notice

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