Effective Communication Tools for International Collaboration

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A conversation with guest speakers on how to foster communication that better connects people of different backgrounds.

International collaborations and exchange bring together people of different backgrounds. In this kind of context, what should we be aware of in order to build a communication environment in which engaging in the creative process is a pleasant experience for everyone? As we see a growing awareness towards diversity, an update in our values is necessary so that we can carefully build an environment of true mutual respect, one in which no one is put at a disadvantage because of what they bring to a collaboration (whether that be their race, culture, or language). This talk session invites guests working in international performing arts productions to share, based on their actual experiences, their know-how and strategies for better communication as well as discuss practical solutions and tips that can be immediately applied to the working environment.
*Japanese and English simultaneous interpreting

Panelists: Saki Tanaka (Researcher, Production Manager for Port B), Sakiko Nakano (Production Management Department, Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC)), Hanako Wada (Actor)
Moderators: Nobuko Aiso, Kanoko Tamura (Art Translators Collective)


Thursday, November 12, 2020, 18:30 – 20:30

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Zoom Webinar(Japanese and English simultaneous interpreting)https://zoom.us/j/97994096446?pwd=QXk4ZXloZS95VXBEaEw2ZjBLdjFLZz09

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Saki Tanaka
Saki Tanaka’s main area of activity lies in art projects and their relationship with the city, people, and society. She has been involved in the creation of artwork through research, project coordination, project management, and casting. Saki joined Port B, a creative collective that initiates projects with elements of social experimentation, in 2009, after working at several organizations, including the stage production management company CSB and the Japan Performance/Art Institute. She is the Director of Port Urban Research Center, which came out of Port B.

Sakiko Nakano
Sakiko Nakano has been part of the production management department of Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC) since 2010. In addition to coordinating foreign productions, such as those featured in World Theatre Festival Shizuoka, she has been in charge of international collaborations directed by Daniel Jeanneteau, Yudi Ahmad Tajudin, Jean Lambert-wild, and Lorenzo Malaguerra. Among SPAC’s overseas performances, she has been involved in the Avignon and Moscow performances of “Mahabharata” directed by Satoshi Miyagi as well as the Shanghai performance of “The Metamorphosis” directed by Shuji Onodera. Sakiko assumed her current position after working as a coordinator at a translation company. She graduated from the Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo where she majored in arts and aesthetics.

Photo by Eiri Motoyoshi

Hanako Wada
Hanako Wada is an actor from Aomori Prefecture. Since graduating from the Department of Performing Arts at Kyoto University of Art and Design, she has been active as an independent stage actor, appearing in works by the likes of Yukichi Matsumoto, Oriza Hirata, Misaki Setoyama, Yudai Kamisato, Kaori Nishio, Momoji Yamada, Shoko Matsumura, and Onoma Riko. In 2019, Hanako joined theater company Seinendan. From fall of the same year, she began planning and organizing LGBTQ study groups for actors, playwrights, theater directors, and production managers.

Photo by Fuyumi Murata

Nobuko Aiso
Nobuko Aiso is a Director of Art Translators Collective, and the Communication Design Director of the Tokyo Festival development initiative Asian Performing Arts Farm 2020. Through her work in translation and interpreting, Nobuko works closely with artists and arts practitioners to explore and expand the possibilities of intercultural artistic practices and dialogue. She has spoken at the Asia TOPA 2017 storytelling gala Stories for the Dead. Nobuko spent her formative years in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Harrogate (North Yorkshire), before returning to Tokyo. She received her BA from Keio University and attended the Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Photo by Ittetsu Matsuoka

Kanoko Tamura
Kanoko Tamura is an Art Translator and a Senior Director of Art Translators Collective. Specializing in contemporary art and the performing arts, Kanoko’s work spans translation, interpreting, editing, and PR. She views herself as a mediator between people, cultures, and languages, and aims to expand the possibilities of translation, proposing creative solutions to enable dialogue in different circumstances. Kanoko has been teaching English and communication to young artists at the Global Art Practice MFA program at the Tokyo University of the Arts. She also works as the Director of Communication Design for Sapporo International Art Festival 2020 in order to mediate between the festival and the audience. She is also a member of Arts Commons Tokyo.

Art Translators Collective
Art Translators Collective (ATC) is an organization that specializes in interpretation and translation in the arts, and plans events related to those fields. We work closely with artists, accompanying them as collaborators along their creative journeys. Through this dialogue, we aim to provide translation and interpretation that go beyond simply connecting people and ideas across languages.


Planned by Nobuko Aiso and Kanoko Tamura (Art Translators Collective)
Coordinated by Yuko Uematsu and Rin Terada (syuz’gen)

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Tokyo Festival Executive Committee (Toshima City, Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation, Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture [Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre & Arts Council Tokyo])