Tokyo Festival 2020 to go ahead

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Tokyo Festival Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the Tokyo Festival 2020 will be held from September 30 through November 29 2020, principally around the Ikebukuro area of Toshima-ku.

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created a need both in Japan and overseas for a way of co-existing with this and other infectious diseases. In addition to our aim of holding this year’s Tokyo Festival in a safe and secure manner by cooperating with all parties involved, and working on thorough preventive measures against the spread of the virus, we are considering different ways of implementing this and other events in order to offer new approaches to the performing arts going forward.

Details of programs etc. will be announced in succession at a later date.

Tokyo Festival 2020
Name: Tokyo Festival 2020
Festival dates: September 30 (Wed.)‐November 29 (Sun.), 2020
Sites: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Owlspot Theatre, TOKYO TATEMONO Brillia HALL, GLOBAL RING THEATRE and others

■Message from Satoshi Miyagi, General Director of Tokyo Festival 2020
It’s time to look out the window

What is the appeal of Tokyo? If I were to mention only one thing, it would have to be its diversity.
It attracts a variety of people. You can get to know various ‘strangers.’ There is a place for everyone.
Now is the time to regain that appeal.
Let’s give our hearts and minds free range. ‘Diversity’ and ‘infectious disease control’ can be compatible!

■Tokyo Festival Planning Team Comments
Towards Tokyo Festival 2020

We at Tokyo Festival have decided to hold the festival this year, in the belief that an international performing arts festival is needed to prevent Tokyo from closing its diverse circuits. Confronted by the huge challenge of giving people the opportunity to meet while minimizing the risks, it is time to propose a new approach to the performing arts.

As one of the world’s largest metro economy, Tokyo has continued to attract diverse people with its highly-developed urban functions and to welcome diverse values. Performing arts and theater has also played an integral part in the appeal of the city as a place open to everyone, with a variety of people drawn by the diverse programs on offer.

However, we are now urgently reassessing our approaches to the ordinary things we took for granted and which made Tokyo attractive. We are questioning the modus operandi post-coronavirus and mid-coronavirus in terms of approaches to work, schools, entertainment and the arts. Neither the city nor its people can afford to lose these at this point.

We have decided to hold the Tokyo Festival in 2020 so that the performing arts can survive going forward, and in order that performing arts continue to play a vital role in Tokyo’s appeal as place for different people. Following the implementation of thorough measures to prevent the spread of the virus for the holding of the event, we will ensure that both creators and audiences examine future approaches to the performing arts including safety and impact on the works; and without being afraid of change, we will take this opportunity to try and make the performing arts more open. We hope to meet your expectations.

Tokyo Festival Planning Team