Film & Performance Undercurrents

© Sakiko Nomura
© Akira Seki
© Sakiko Nomura
Undercurrents are currents that cannot be seen from the surface. Just as Tokyo is built upon the waterways of Edo, the spirit of Butoh remains an unbroken tradition 60 years on, even though its outward form might have changed. Teita Iwabuchi, Ikuyo Kuroda, and Kakuya Ohashi and Dancers each consistently engage with the human body in their own specific ways. While weathering the 2020 pandemic, they connect the dancers’ bodies with Tokyo’s ever-changing sites.

Video director

Hibiki Miyazawa

Video director, Alloposidae LLC representative. Born in Tokyo in 1992, graduated from Tokyo College of Photography. Since 2014 he has provided support to artists in various genres as assistant director of art space blanClass (Yokohama). Founded video production group Alloposidae in 2017. His activities center on the cinematography of artwork production by artists and the production of video documenting performing arts, as well as exploring approaches to art archiving.

Program director: Kaku Nagashima (Director, Festival/Tokyo), Chika Kawai (Co-Director, Festival/Tokyo)
Produced by NPO Arts Network Japan [NPO-ANJ]
Cooperating organizations:Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee, Yanagibashi Komatsuya, Hachioji City, Hachioji College Community & Culture Fureai Foundation, Caffs Co.,Ltd, The Saison Foundation, Morisaki Industry Co.,Ltd, MODESTE, HACHIOJI SYOKURYO, MEGURO HOUSE

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